The Hottest Clothing Trends For 2017


Keeping ahead of the style curve is a must in many social circles and allows you to be the talk of the town when your clothes are bangin’. Traditionally, a lot of work would be needed to guarantee you a style that is on point with current trends; however that is no longer the case. With the advancement of social media, style news outlets, and online availability, you can now find out the coolest styles and then get great deals by shopping online in just a matter of minutes. Buying your urban gear online saves you a considerable amount of time (because wouldn’t you rather be out owning those streets?) and money, and let’s face it, there are often so many more styles and designs to choose from. Clothing trends can change drastically from year to year, and even though it’s only the beginning of January, we’re already seeing some great styles pop out for 2017.

One brand that’s really got people spinning in circles with excitement this year is Jordan Craig. Available in their signature New York retail stores, or online for incredible prices at retailers like, this brand has a great selection of urban styles, particularly for men and kids. Their sturdy button up shirts can take even the toughest elements the street can throw at them. The biker denim offered by Jordan Craig stands up to a lot of use and abuse, which is particularly useful for navigating busy city streets with lots of friends and for long periods of time. The hoodies and commuter jackets offered are both stylish and warm – you might want to look into getting two, just so you can always have a fresh version in case you stain it or something from daily use. Meanwhile, their other button up shirts are amazing for streetwear and so much more. Jordan Craig shirts and clothes for kids have the toughest, hippest styles for the younger members of your family, with jackets that will both keep kids warm and make them the envy of their friends. The denim kids pants and shorts will stand up to any and all urban activities a kid could possibly get into and make ’em look good doing it, too.

Snapback hats are also on a roll for 2017. Share your favourite team with your world by sporting them on these tough hats made especially for wearing with your other top of the line urban streetwear brands. Don’t have a favourite team? Doesn’t matter. There are so many other designs to choose from that will give your street clothes just the right amount of polish to stand out from the crowd. You’ll be picking up hotties in no time at all.

Other top urban brands like G-Shock watches, Converse, CREP, Crysp Denim, Odd Sox, Puma, Filthy Dripped, and others are also making top ranks this year. Any of these brands are serious at providing the maximum comfort and urban style combined with ruggedness not easily matched by others.


Top Trends in Denim for 2017

Denim never goes out of style, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t evolve. Check out some of the hottest denim trends already making their presence known in 2017.

High-Low Hemlines

This is where the hem’s high in the front and low in the back. It creates a neat silhouette and is really, really easy to DIY. You can spend a grand and a half on a designer pair, but we’d judge you for it. This isn’t something you want to pair with skinnies, though, just wide-leg or boot-cut pants will do.


Over-the-top embroidery is making the biggest comeback we’ve seen since the 70s. New York Fashion Week saw Gucci showcasing bright, big embroidery all up and down their denim legs. This one isn’t so DIY, but it’s still fun enough that you should try and find a pair of your own.

Slit Hems

Slitting hems along the seams makes normally ankle-tight or straight leg jeans flare out for a more flattering cut. This is also hella easy to do yourself if you’re really tired of the skinny jean look. It also makes it so you can rock ankle boots with a pair of pants you never thought would sustain them. Miracles all over the place!

Big Overcoats

Denim: It’s Not Just for Pants! Long, oversized denim dusters are popping up all over the place. They’re heavy, stylish, comfy and fun. They’re also an item you can pair with other denim and not look like you’re channeling a Canadian logger. They look better when you’re on the tall side, so if you’re not, grab some platforms or big boots to let the shape of the coat really show. Otherwise, you might end up just wearing something that looks too big.

Mini Skirts

Hooray for the ladies who like to show off their legs with something comfy and neutral! Denim mini skirts aren’t going anywhere, so if you’re looking forward to breaking yours out again this summer, get excited–it’s happening. These are great because they allow you to be sexy and casual because they’re a bottom that supports almost every top. You could wear them with an I need my garage time shirt and turn every head you pass.


Roll up those hems, folks. It’s time to cuff. This is such a fun, easy trend to follow, and it makes everyone look like they have dainty, cute ankles. It works with all different types of jean cuts–bootleg, wide-cut, straight-leg and skinny all take to cuffing and create fun different looks with it. It can give you a relaxed but finished vibe that’ll have people asking you if you’re from the Hamptons


Large Fashion Attire – With out Fashion Large Prices!

Showing away from your femininity can be a big section of women’s fashion then one that’s not likely ever being replaced or perhaps lost with time. Fashion dresses have been an crucial staple in different woman’s attire but in 2010 you’ll locate women’s dresses to become great mix of casual and also elegant. Did an individual ever think you might look fabulous and stay comfortable concurrently? We can explain to you some really stylish dresses to take into account for your following event or simply enhance your collection that do both.

Initial, what you would like to consider could be the material with the dress you might be considering. Materials which can be most secure and employed in women’s everyday clothing are usually cotton, shirt knit and also polly lycra. These components form together with every curve of one’s body, are soft to the touch and thus amazingly comfortable you might spend throughout the day in these. The simply other part of selecting the most appropriate holiday dress to suit your needs is to be sure it just isn’t too quick. If you might be constantly focused on the size of your dress there’s no way you will be comfortable. Just previously mentioned the knees is normally the best length irrespective of how tall you might be.

Now which you have an notion of the diverse comfortable fabric dresses are located in, let’s speak about style. The top style today designed by Elan International can be a long sleeve trend dress crafted from polly lycra together with cinching on the waist. This is a simple dress using a low minimize neckline, extended sleeves, waist cinching plus a great perception of flow to enhance the picture. This dress can be a perfect example of your fashion dress which can be worn to get a simple meal out, an expensive party and even to your working environment during the task week. With a straightforward black dress similar to this oahu is the accessories define the event you might be heading to be able to. No jewellery in any way suggests an even more casual seem and dazzling jewellery implies evening use.

If you are looking for a trend dress that may make more of your statement this kind of low minimize halter leading dress is merely for an individual. Elan International has generated an really sensual but elegant night time dress which can be worn to be able to nearly most occasions. It seems great which is comfortable also. With the lowest draping neckline, a sprained neck strap plus a form appropriate figure throughout you’re sure to become looking your better in this fashion dress.

Each with the dresses mentioned listed below are not only just a style of just what Elan International is offering but they’re also available to get a fraction with the price when compared with other artist dresses available today. Shopping on the web is a powerful way to save on your own fashion attire and it’s rather a fun solution to shop at the same time! If you now have no trend dresses within your closet it really is time to so that you can jump in to the future regarding women’s everyday clothing!