Conch Pearl

Conch Pearl To the problem “Which is the most expensive and rare pearl?”, many people who know less about jewelry may say the sea pearls. This article will introduce you to the rarest of all pearls, which is not yet ready for artificially cultivated on a large scale – Conch pearl.

What is a conch pearl? The beautiful and rare conch pearl is a calcareous aggregates produced by the Queen’s Phoenix snail (a large edible mollusk conch), it usually pink and oval in shape, the best pieces have a wavy “flame” texture on the surface and a creamy porcelain appearance.

Unlike the traditional pearl, the main component of the conch pearl is calcium carbonate, but it does not contain pearl. Strictly speaking, it is not a pearl, so it cannot be called a “real pearl”, although they are still classified as such. Whereas most pearls are grown by inserting stimulants into mollusks and by hand management, conch pearls are only produced naturally and cannot be cultured on a large scale.

The queen phoenix snail in the sea producing conch pearls. The fishermen can find one of the queen phoenix snails for every 10,000-15,000 shellfish captured, and less than 10% of the rare queen’s phoenix conch pearls are gem-quality, making them extremely rare. How is the conch pearl formed? Similar to the way common pearls are formed, when a foreign object (usually a broken shell) enters the queen’s snail, a calcareous condense forms around it, with fibrous calcareous crystals growing out layer by layer from the stimulant.

The difference between ordinary pearls is that the exact location of the pearl can be revealed in the pearl shell, but because of the complex thread structure of the conch shell, no one can find the exact location of the conch pearl. Conch pearls are usually found in a pearl sac in the orange surface of the queen’s phoenix snail, and this pearl sac family tree birthstone necklace only be found when the pearl meat is cut out of the shell. The queen phoenix snail that produces conch pearl mainly lives in the beautiful Caribbean region.

Conch beads are produced in Florida, the Bahamas, Bermuda, the Caribbean islands, and northern parts of central and South America along the coast of the Caribbean sea. The internal structure of the queen’s phoenix snail is very complicated. The survival rate of artificial implantation of foreign substances is very low. At the same time, it is difficult to take out the conch pearls without harming the life of the queen’s phoenix snail. Therefore, the artificial breeding of conch pearls is extremely difficult.

Until 2010, two American scholars claimed to have successfully produced more than 200 conch pearls, including nuclear and non-nuclear farming. However, due to the immature farming technology, whether it can large-scale commercial cultivation of conch pearls or not is still unknown.

In addition to the usual pink color on the market, conch pearls come in a variety of other colors, such as white, beige, yellow, brown and gold. Brown is the most common color of conch pearls. However, because they are often discarded by fishermen, they are less likely to be sold, which may give buyers a slight bias in their prevalence. Chocolate-colored conch pearls are the rarest, followed by white, while yellow-brown conch pearls are often referred to as gold.

The most valuable conch pearl color women earrings get name necklace is pink, including very light pink to orange, or even bright red with a red color. The most coveted is a bright pink conch pearl with a flame-like pattern. The color of the conch pearl is determined by the color of the shell of the queen’s phoenix, which will change due to the different stages of its life or the food it eats. For example, some yellow conch pearls are usually found in younger conch, but this is not absolute.

Gem-quality conch pearls are usually elliptical, with a small portion reaching a nearly circular shape, and more are special-shaped conch pearls. Only a few are completely round. The perfectly symmetrical elliptical conch beads are ideal.

The size of conch pearls is usually small, so unlike ordinary pearls, it is based on carat weight. It is very difficult to find a conch pearl of more than 2-3 mm, and the conch pearl with a weight of 10 carats is extraordinary. Conch pearls may lack the halo effect and satisfactory symmetry of the pearl, but its natural asymmetrical beauty has the same flavor as the unique pink flame appearance, giving designers more imagination.

In addition, each jewelry collector wants to have rare, unique and precious gems, and the conch pearls can meet their desires. It is these factors that make conch pearl return to the world of precious stones.


5 Sweet Ways to Make your Wedding Anniversary Celebration Romantic

A wedding anniversary marks the day on which two different people came together and became one, exchanging sacred vows that bounded them for eternity. This day holds a place of special importance for the couple. When it is your own anniversary, you will know better about what this day holds for you. However, it will be up to you to make this day special and romantic for your partner, which doesn’t even need you to put in a lot of effort as you will get fun anniversary gifts for couples from online gift shops that will breathe new life into your marriage. Find here 5 sweet ways to make your wedding anniversary celebration romantic.

5 Sweet Ways to Romantically Celebrate your Wedding Anniversary

A wedding anniversary has this powerful quality to it, that doesn’t need any mention. Here are 5 ways to romantically celebrate your wedding anniversary-

  1. Breakfast in Bed with surprise Jewelry

What can be better than letting your spouse sleep-in for the day and presenting them with breakfast-in-bed with their favorite breakfast specials. However you should keep in mind that they don’t have anything of importance aligned at work for which they might get late for. Pair it with a piece of jewelry, you have bought specially for this occasion and you will never get to hear how much they loved this romantic little surprise.

  1. A dreamy candlelit dinner and gourmet food

This is an age-old anniversary hack, but it never fails and never loses its sensual appeal, as it is the perfect balance between sassiness and classiness. Shift a few furniture pieces if required, and dim the lights in the room to inspire awe in your partner. A candlelit room filled with the scent of love and hot food will make your anniversary very special.

  1. A beautiful cake that spells cheese and sugar at the same time

Cakes and chocolates make a cheesy yet classy choice for a wedding anniversary, but they fit into every celebration like binding magic, which maybe because a cake and chocolate spells dreamy and romantic at first sight. When your anniversary is the occasion in focus, handsomely decorated cakes as anniversary gifts will dramatically change the moods for the evening.

  1. Rooftop/Beachside party involving your closest Friends

This will involve you to throw a quiet, but lavish get-together party to be remembered for years to come. Surprise your partner by inviting both of your closest friends to an elaborate wedding anniversary themed soiree organized at a choice rooftop or a beach location. Get exotic flowers and wine and celebrate your togetherness among your closest friends and relatives with a style than never goes out of fashion.

  1. A Photo compilation of your Best Moments

This day will be among all those past anniversaries that marked the years that you and your partner have fared together. In this time, you both have made memories both bitter and sweet. You will be able to make your spouse feel all of the emotions together by presenting them with a photo compilation of your time together by creating a photo album or video containing those special moments that highlight your connection best.

You will now be able to choose from a wide variety of anniversary gifts for couple and cakes for wedding anniversary made available by online gift shops and bakeries.


The Most Famous Movie Diamonds

Diamonds, they’re expensive, they’re shiny, they’re almost synonymous with status and money, so of course Hollywood has a long history of diamond heists and ransoms. When a film needs something for the bad guy, or sometimes the good guy, to steal that has high stakes, what’s more high stakes than a single stone worth millions of dollars? Although the long standing history has been stealing and selling diamonds in films, more recently Hollywood has started to discuss other facets of the diamond business. Let’s explore some of the most famous diamonds in film history.


I think the most iconic example of diamonds in film is the Sankara Diamonds in Indiana Jones. These diamonds were not just resting quietly in a museum ready to be stolen by a crack team of thieves, but rather collected by an evil cult that believed that collecting all five would unleash a magical power that would allow them to control the Earth. Talk about high stakes.


Everyone remembers The Pink Panther theme song as it is synonymous with detective work, but was inspector Clouseau looking for? None other than a beautiful and incredibly expensive pink diamond called The Pink Panther due to a flaw in the center of the diamond that resembles a panther. If this diamond was real it would be classified as a Type IIa diamond, which is extremely rare for it’s kind, and probably why it was used in the film.


Inspired by the history Hope Diamond, The Heart Of The Ocean was a majestic blue diamond that the character Rose wore around her neck. It’s breathtaking, it’s large, it’s brilliant, it’s blue, and it was tossed over the side of a research ship at the end of the film as the now old and frail Rose finally let’s go of the one memory of her time on that infamous maiden voyage. No heist here, but the stakes are just as high.


Here’s that heist we’ve all been waiting for! In the latest installment in the popular action thriller series that chronicles the life of Danny Ocean, a large scale con man up for any sort of high stakes tomfoolery, takes us through a heist now planned by his sister Debbie. The plan? To steal a 150 million dollar necklace from the Met Gala without getting caught… now that’s something worth watching… but the real question is, what do you do with it once you have it?


This film not only tackles diamonds but tackles the politics around it. This 2006 hit film moved audiences everywhere about the often dangerous and perilous process of mining diamonds and eventually led to the formation of the Kimberly Process which helps to prevent unethical diamond mining practices. By putting the conflict front and center in the film, we were able to see the dark side of mining the world’s brightest stone and eventually lead to reform to stop the unsavory practices.

Not only does Hollywood portray diamonds as something worth stealing, but it also has started to portray diamonds as something we should learn more about. Blood Diamond paved the way to more and more people realizing and understanding the human cost of mining diamonds, and eventually led to companies that create diamonds in laboratories so that they can avoid the human toll that mining takes.

Diamond movies aren’t going anywhere, the question is, how will Hollywood evolve with the industry, and find more unique and interesting ways to showcase this precious stone on the silver screen?