Wood Frames

Wood Frames DIY from Unused Stuff

Frame can be very important stuff mainly if you have numerous photo or painting collections to hang. Sure, the easiest thing to do is buying the frame in the shops around. However, have you even thought to make it by yourself? It sounds difficult and spending too much time for sure. But more than anything, you can produce frames as your expectations and it is more economical. Here are some ways of creating frames from wood DIY.


Natural Wood Photo Frames from Twigs


You probably don’t really skillful or capable to make use certain tools like saw, nails, and hammer. While basically, those tools are important to create the frames from wood. So, what should you do? You can just see around you, there must be trees with twigs that are not too big. Just cut of some pieces of twigs that are not too big but not too small also. Take four pieces in which the two of them should be shorter than the other two. Now, you can just start to make the wood for frame DIY. Place them to shape square frames. Make sure that there remaining woods on the edge. Bind the edges by using strong string or ropes. If the twigs have waves or curves just let it be; this is how to make the frame stay unique. You can simply put the photos behind this frame or use plywood as the base behind.


Wooden Photo Frame DIY from Popsicle Sticks


Okay, Popsicle sticks are made from wood, aren’t they? If you like to eat them up and then collect the sticks, it is just good idea. The sticks are really beneficial to make any kind of handicraft. Interestingly, there are places to buy the sticks without popsicles. It is so easy to make. Just arrange popsicles in square by remaining space in the middle. Make sure that the space has sizes matched or smaller with your photo to make the frame in general look neater and better-looking. As the base, you can use plywood or carton. The arrangement of sticks can be simply square or anything that you want. This way is so easy, isn’t it?