White Gold Engagement Rings – How Do They Compare to Platinum?

Both white gold and platinum are often used for chore rings. How do white gold assignment rings really compare to platinum?

White Gold Engagement Rings – How Do They Compare to Platinum?

White Gold Engagement Rings - How Do They Compare to Platinum?

White gold and platinum are commonly used for mission rings Platinum is confessed to be the other precious of the two metals, but how do white gold job rings really compare? The properties of each

White gold is an combination of gold and some white metals such as silver, nickel and palladium It is often coated in rhodium, which shares properties and the twin blush as platinum – it is the rhodium plating that gives it its flush It can be any carat and 18ct is made by mixing 75% gold with 25% fresh white metals.

Platinum is a white metal and is often used in its genuine haunt (95% pure)


White gold looks remarkably twin to platinum due to the rhodium plating Its usual blush is actually a adorn grey hue with a palladium based alloy, or it has a yellowish tinge with a nickel-based mixture The rhodium plating is uncommonly white and remarkably fatiguing but it does wear away eventually. For entire upkeep, white gold occupation rings should be re-rhodium plated every 12-18 months.

Platinum is naturally white and therefore the flush leave not fade


Platinum is remarkably dense and far heavier than its parallel It loses very scarcely onus during daily wear and polishing, but it is besides other brittle, which system that, although it leave securely clutch diamonds and gemstones into place, it may be prone to scratches and dents. White gold is softer and additional malleable Some jewellers recommend a platinum setting for a further securely crystallize marrow diamond and a white gold party for fewer scratches and dents That said, a well-made ring, in whatever metal you choose, should last for generations. It is worth noting that 18ct gold, although more valuable, is softer than 14ct and entrust gall further easily

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More jewellers are skilled in repairing and resizing white gold mission rings than platinum rings, as platinum is harder to task with, with a higher melting temperature This style that platinum servicing requires an experienced jeweller and mechanical second tools, such as a laser welder, to destroy the stake to gemstones and diamonds that could gain parched Therefore the price of labour is about 20% higher than fresh work


Some folks don’t like wearing platinum because it is heavy, however it has the interest of being a hypoallergenic metal Although white gold assignment rings do not create problems associated with allergies for most people, some can generate a feeling if a nickel compound is used. Some jewellers escape nickel-based alloys in edict to prohibit allergic reactions occurring, however nickel is cheaper and therefore is idle widely used


Platinum is a casual and precious metal and a quantity of prestige It is therefore more expensive than supplementary metals. In addition, it is denser so there is other relevant load needed to produce treasure It cannot be re-used and re-melted so any scraps and filings are sent to a refiner, which is an expensive process

Ultimately, the alternative is the individual’s, but white gold chore rings hold a thumping similar appearance to platinum ones and are half the price. On the downside, however, they do pressure frequent fundamental upkeep